Improvements Needed at Eaton Park Entrance

26 Feb 2024
Cllr Judith Lubbock inspecting the flooding.

ABOVE: Cllr Judith Lubbock inspecting the flooded entrance after some wet weather.

We greatly welcome the improvements to the park however there are examples of where essential maintenance is lacking. The North Park Avenue access, at the bottom car park is one such example. There has been a problem with a blocked drain for over a year now and despite it being reported repeatedly to the council, they have not taken action to repair it. 

The flooded entrance to North Park Avenue.

The flooded entrance to North Park Avenue.

When it rains the access is flooded and walkers who want to use the park have to wear wellington boots to get through or face a lengthy detour.  Lib Dem City Councillor for Eaton, James Wright, who is also a junior parkrun co-event director, said:

On Saturday 17th February Eaton Park saw 699 runners take part in the 9am parkrun and that is a lot of runners using all the access points to the park. We badly need this muddy and at times inaccessible entrance to the park to be sorted.

Cllr James Wright