Lib Dems Welcome Improvements to Eaton Park

24 Feb 2024
Eaton Park on a sunny day

ABOVE: Eaton Park on a sunny day.

Following the decision to regenerate Hay Hill in the city centre using government ‘Towns Fund’ money, there was a need to relocate the sculptures ‘Homage to Thomas Browne’ by Anne and Patrick Poirier to an accessible location. A new home is proposed in Eaton Park, close to the children’s play area near the North Park Avenue entrance.

The sculptures will be arranged in the formation and orientation based on the ‘quincunx’ pattern as intended by the sculptors. An interpretation board will explain the importance of Browne and his thinking. Cllr James Wright commented:

Cllr James Wright in front of Norwich Market.

Cllr James Wright, Lib Dem City Councillor for Eaton

"I am pleased to see these interesting sculptures rehoused in Eaton Park. Hopefully their location will be seen as a link into the Sainsbury Centre Sculpture Park and bring in more visitors to this wonderful park."

Eaton Park is also to benefit from money raised through the community infrastructure levy – a tax on developers who have built homes in Norfolk. Just over £330,000 is to be spent on renovating the changing rooms in the central pavilion. The plans include solar panels on the roof which will be invisible from the ground and will keep down the running costs.

The Eaton Park playground is also getting an upgrade which aims to include an inclusive, engaging and accessible space for children of all abilities up to 12 years of age. The current equipment, surfaces, signage and seating will be replaced and work is due to start in May. This follows a rather short consultation from Feb 7th to 21st to which we have responded and complained that it was too brief a period to get the details out to the wider public and not publicised enough