Water Companies told: Stop Dumping Sewage

1 Jun 2023

At the end of May the water companies apologised for their appalling track record of dumping sewage and launched a programme to clean up their act. Given the scale of the problem, it’s just not good enough.

Only some of the Executives have pledged to give up their bonuses – while working families are likely going to see an increase in their water bills. And we are all waiting for apologies from the other people to blame… the Environment Secretary and the Conservative MPs who allowed this to happen.

In Norfolk, raw sewage was pumped into a 2 mile stretch of the River Wensum for 16 hours in 2019/20. Locally and Nationally this is unacceptable. The Liberal Democrats will continue to campaign to put right this unjust and environmental scandal. Sign the petition at www.libdems.org.uk/stop-sewage