Some good news for Norwich's buses

1 Jun 2023

Norfolk to finally get zero-emission buses

Norfolk County Council received £11.5m from central government in March to be spent on 55 new zero-emission buses. It’s not yet clear which routes will benefit from the new vehicles, but it’s wonderful news for Norwich that we will all soon be able to take much more environmentally friendly journeys.

The government has also committed to maintaining the £2 cap on single fares until October, becoming £2.50 from them until November next year. While we are worried about Norfolk continuing to be reliant on government handouts, this is excellent news, making car alternatives cheap and accessible is key to building a cleaner future. 

Now if only the buses actually ran on time!

St Stephens to have shelters again

Almost a year after completion of the repaving of St Stephens Street, people can finally wait for their bus sheltered from the rain. Lib Dems had concerns about the cost of this scheme, and were able to secure a value-for-money investigation into the £6.1m spent on a nice-looking but functionally similar setup.

The real question is how the council was unable to get bus shelters installed in the first place - surely a glaring error?