Residents Snubbed in Nuisance Parking Investigation

6 Feb 2024

Labour have seemingly broken their promise for a full public investigation into nuisance parking around Eaton Park.

Ever since parking charges at Eaton Park were introduced last year, the local Liberal Democrats have called for a review of potential nuisance parking on residential streets nearby. In existing permit areas like North Park Avenue and Fairfax, we were worried about enforcement, given the city council had hired no new monitoring officers to patrol the newly expanded regulatory area. And in non-permit areas like George Borrow and Corie, we were worried about the worsening of existing pressures on verge and pavement parking.

Labour promised to have an investigation into the impacts of the Eaton Park charge on nearby streets. It doesn’t look like they have. At the city council meeting on Tuesday 30th January, they claimed that an investigation was complete. I asked a public question:

Where was this review advertised in the public sphere, and how many submissions from the public were received?

James Hawketts, Lib Dem University Ward Candidate

The cabinet member answered that there had only been one complaint of nuisance parking, but refused to comment on where this so-called public review had been advertised. We can only assume that it wasn’t publicisised and they have made this determination without any reasonable input from you, the local residents here. 

Regardless of your views on the Eaton Park charge, it is deeply negligent of the Labour-run council to refuse to properly engage with constituents and give you the opportunity to contribute to potential new parking policy in your area, and disrespectful to you all to pretend that it has when the review was not advertised. 

If you are aware of any issues with parking which you are happy for us to publicise and take up with the council, please let us know. And in the local elections on 2nd May, vote Lib Dem for a councillor who will keep in touch and not take your views for granted.

Watch footage of the question and answer here, from the Council's meeting broadcast: