Norwich City Council to "explore the benefits of a reduced working week"

2 Dec 2023

The Conservative Party candidate for Norwich South has been spreading misinformation about a purely investigative inquiry into the possibility of a shorter working week for council staff.

At the September Council meeting a motion was passed to "explore the benefits of a reduced working week..." This has been misinterpreted by the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Norwich South who has circulated a letter which starts "You may have heard that Norwich City Council recently announced its intention to switch to a four-day working week."

One would expect that more care would be taken in representing the facts honestly and clearly when writing to residents to ask for their support in objecting to the idea. 

Eaton Councillors recognise that exploring the concept of a reduced working week must mean showing evidence that would ensure the performance and value of residents’ services were improved as a result. Trials in South Cambridgeshire District Council are underway and we will be looking carefully to see how productivity is affected, whether retention of staff is improved and whether it supports better mental and physical health.

Let us know your views on the idea.