New Voter ID Laws - Make sure your voice is heard in May

17 Jan 2023

From May you MUST bring a form of photo ID with you to the polling station to be allowed to cast your vote, commonly a passport or driver’s license, thanks to the government's new voter ID legislation.

Liberal Democrats opposed this new law. It is expensive for the taxpayer, addresses a non-existent problem with almost zero counts of voter fraud in decades, and has the potential to deny millions their democratic rights. Especially with wait times and application costs skyrocketing for passports, we shouldn’t be putting a financial barrier before the right to vote. Unfortunately, when Lib Dems tried to kill implementation in the Lords, Labour abstained and let the Tories push on with this scheme.

Postal votes will not require ID to vote. If you are worried about your ability to vote at the next election we recommend you apply for one. You can request a postal vote application form online, by emailing, or by phoning 0344 980 3333.