Excellent election results for Lib Dems in Norwich

6 May 2023

Another victory for Judith Lubbock in Eaton

Judith retains her seat on Norwich City Council with an enormous 1300-vote majority. The biggest in the city.

At the local elections on May 4th Judith Lubbock was re-elected as a City Councillor for Eaton. Judith said, “I would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who voted for me giving me another 4 years as one of Eaton’s 4 Liberal Democrat Councillors. I go into my 28th year as a City Councillor for Eaton with enthusiasm and commitment, a willingness to listen to the electorate’s concerns and act upon them.”

Eaton ward results on a 52% turnout
Judith        2215
Labour    913
Greens    501
Tory        463

Lib Dems on the up in University

Candidate James Hawketts defies expectations by leaping from last place in 2022 to a strong second in 2023, now the main opposition to Labour.

James said:

I've spent the past couple of months talking to the people in University ward, from long-term residents to students, and all inbetween. There was one common theme, that they feel ignored and apathetic to the political process. And why wouldn't they? When the Eaton Park consultation with record egagement and 91% rejection for the new charges gets rough-riden over by city hall. When provision of council services is forever sinking further into incompetence. And when even getting in contact with the council or your councillors feels like a lost cause of screaming into the ether.


Labour have had majority control of Norwich for years, and they've won here in University every year since 2006. It is abundantly clear that they have entirely given up on bothering representing their constituents and have become far too comfortable in safe re-elections. It is incumbent on us to lobby for the interests of University ward residents in their stead. And that is what I will continue to try to do.

Liberal Democrat Success Nationally

On 4th May Liberal Democrats experienced a ground-breaking set of Local Election results – the best results in decades.

The Lib Dems won over 20% of the national vote, held on to all 17 councils they already controlled and took control of another 20.
1,628 Liberal Democrat councillors were elected, a net gain of 407.
The message from the elections is clear: people are fed up with being let down and taken for granted by this Conservative Government – it is time for a change.

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