Bluebell Road Shared Pedestrian-Cycle Path – a potential deathtrap?

27 Nov 2023
Cllrs Judith Lubbock, Caroline Ackroyd, James Wright, standing on the Bluebell Rd hybrid cycle path.

Eaton Councillors first raised this issue back in 2019, but so far no equitable solution has been found.

There is growing concern amongst the residents of Daisy Hill, Coralie Court and Leander Court that the shared Bluebell Road path is a deathtrap with cyclists travelling very fast in both directions.

City Councillor for Eaton Caroline Ackroyd said, “With 120 flats in all and more residences being built the call for action on this path will only increase. As councillors we have approached the County Council and asked for a white line down the middle of the path to segregate the cyclists from the pedestrians, the pedestrians being on the inside of the path and cyclists on the outside nearest the road. This would give some assurance to residents that when they step on to the path they will not collide with a cycle. We are awaiting a response to our request.”

Cllr Caroline Ackroyd, City Councillor for Eaton

Cllr Caroline Ackryod

The elderly are not asking for much but just some consideration of their age, in perhaps not being as nimble on their feet, not seeing the quick cyclists and not hearing them as often they don’t have bells. As councillors we just want to do something to help prevent accidents and the residents’ fear of being knocked down.”